Keeping it Simple: Essential Oils

We got started with dōTERRA because we love the products. It happened on a Girl Scout retreat, when another mom shared her bottle of Deep Blue and her story. The more we talked, the more it made sense -- simple goodness from simple products.

We share our oils with you, so you can experience these benefits, too. 

You use essential oils simply because you enjoy them. We don't sell them or chase people down. We just love these oils and want to share them. You will too.


Joining our dōTERRA journey is easy. Click HERE and follow the steps below to join:

1. Choose Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate.

Wholesale customers get 25% product discounts, reward and shipping loyalty points, and access to freebies and awesomeness monthly. As a wholesale customer, you get great discounts without enrolling in the team.

Wellness advocates get the same fabulousness as wholesale customers and they join the dōTERRA team for a business opportunity (think earning income through bonuses and compensation for sharing something you 💗). Use the Mikelly Farms team number 2841972 to join.

Retail customers pay retail prices without the benefits.

2. Choose your individual oils (wholesale customers) or starter kit (wholesale customers and wellness advocates).

Choose the kit that fits your style. A few tips: if you're just jumping in and need a diffuser, the Home Essentials kit is a great start. If you have a diffuser and are just getting your feet wet, go with the Family Essentials kit.

If you're joining as a wellness advocate and looking to jump start your business with essential oils, personal care, and supplements, choose the Natural Solutions kit.

Remember, as a wholesale customer or wellness advocate, you get 25% product discounts, so you'll be able to add the items you love as you learn more about dōTERRA.

3. You'll earn loyalty rewards to help you build your collection and start your business. Woot! Who doesn't love free stuff? We try and share new things through our loyalty points that we earn through purchases and shipping. 

Peace, love, and oils, friends.