Friday, September 6, 2019

A Light Unto My Path

We've been playing around a bit with a new thing. Some of you may have gotten samples or the real deal to sniff, share and enjoy. You're in for a treat!

It does take 2-3 times longer to get things rolling when there are so many moving parts -- and, when we are some busy humans!

Here's what we've been up to...



We have been sampling essential oils, fragrance oils, more soy waxes that you knew existed, new containers, old containers, recyclable containers, and all sorts of gadgets, so we could bring you a candle that we adore.  We can officially say that we have created a selection of soy candles that we love and we think you'll love them do! 

What's so awesome about our soy candles? 
-100% natural American soy wax
-Braided cotton wicks
-No added chemicals, no zinc or lead, and no color additives to keep the burn clean
-When the candle is gone leave a quarter inch at the bottom, (you don't want to burn the house down) so you can wash out the container with soap and water to reuse it

So, how do ya' get some? 

Shop Mikelly Farms to the right to visit our Mikelly Farms Etsy shop. We've added a small selection of our soy candles with a few fall scents to get started. We'll share a seasonal scent or two with you each season, to keep it fresh. Let us know what you love and we'll make more. You can get some of our fave essential oils and oil accessories there too! 

If you're local, give us a shout about our candles if you want to pick them up. 

Peace, love and candlelight, friends.