Monday, March 11, 2019

You Do You

Lately I've been getting questions like, you do essential oils? You make candles? You make vinyl sticky things? You - insert comment here - do that? Where do you find the time? How'd you figure that out?


I've got a mean talent for rhinestoning costumes, too. E6000 is some wicked glue. But, that's not what this is about.

As we travel along this journey trying to figure out how to do this thing, live more simply, quite a bit has surprised me. There's a lot we can live without. There's a lot I was holding on to that I can live without. There are also so many things we love to do, that we don't get to do enough of. We forget these simple things that fill our souls, when we're dashing from one thing to another all of the time. While this started out being about more simple 'stuff', it's evolving in to choosing to spend our time in a different way and with different people.

Make the time to do the things you love. Honor that time. You'll never regret it.

We used to run all over the place every weekend. We were trying to make everyone else happy. You know, do it all, have it all. So...we all got in the same place and stopped running. Don't get me wrong, there's still stuff to do, so we do some of it, and then we spend the rest of our time doing what makes our hearts sing. Creating.

Crazy idea: this doing better stuff is not sold at Target. I know, I love Target. The magical land where everything you need is in the back of the store, so the mesmerizing music can hypnotize you into buying $98 worth of stuff when you went in thinking you'd spend $2. Welcome to my life! Target even has Magnolia Market items there now and ughhh --- it's wonderful, farm-y looking stuff that I think I need to have on those days that I'm missing the dirt. You know what? When I buy those things they look cute in my house. Yet, they never spark any joy and wonder like the old stuff does. Ever.


That right there is what I'm talking about. Target doesn't even fuel my fire anymore. (To the Zon and sister Prime, we're still pals, don't worry, but your time may be coming, too).

I like old stuff. Stuff that already has a story, that brings renewed joy, that makes my mind wander and peaks my curiosity. Dishes, farm stuff, furniture, lamps - things that have filled the space for someone else and fits perfectly into our being, just as it has before.

I like simple stuff. Food and life hacks that come from my kitchen. Essential oils that smell good and make a body feel good. The flicker and scent of the soy candle I made, filling the room with yummy and no black soot. Curling up on my chair with a chai tea. Mermaid hair stuff that has rosemarytea, essential oils, and sea salt in it to calm the crazy frizz. Homemade spa days with the fam. Tossing snowballs at the Queen.

[I like internet that works. Yes. Simple. 21st century. I can live with that, even at the farm.]

I like a little online boutique that has clothes that fit me all the time, that make me look sexy, that I love to wear...and I now own one third of the clothes I did a year ago, because I don't need all of those clothes to choose from. I just wear what actually makes me happy. (I do need a clothes line and this tundra business isn't helping). Still, happy.

I like me. I don't mind the judgement from other people. I don't mind missing the things I used to do. I don't mind being enough and having enough. I don't even mind setting boundaries and saying nope.

I didn't expect to get here, though I also don't think I'll ever truly arrive. You might say I'm glad to be participating in 40 bags in 40 days, which is something I love about lent - finding your inner self just a little bit more. Each year, more stuff goes and more happiness fills its space. I'm starting to like it here in this happier, emptier, simpler space.

Don't take my word for it. You decide when it's time to let it go. You find yourself in there and let it all out (hold on tight!) You do you. We'll still love you.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

The Thaw

Wondering where we've been? Digging out from snow after snow after snow!

It's beautiful here in the tundra and all of that snow makes for a sore body. Mixing essential oils with epsom salts for a muscle loving soak is one of the best ways to thaw and rejuvinate.

A few notes for the wise: epsom salts dissolve in warm bath water, essential oils don't. Using essential oils neat on your skin could cause a burn, so be cautious when adding those drops of blissful oil. Essential oils done right are a beautiful thing!

The best way to spread the essential oil love in your bath is to add the essential oils  to your epsom salts before you put the salts into your bath. To do this, put 2 cups of epsom salts in to a container with a lid. Add the drops of essential oil throughout the salts, cover, and shake 'em up well. This will help to mix the oils with the salts and disperse them more evenly throughout your bath.

Optional adds: If you have something like liquid castile soap or liquid goat milk soap, you can also add this to the bath. If this crazy cold weather caused your skin to chap, you can also add a tablespoon of carrier oil to the bath.

You can use other salts, such as dead sea salt, or himalayan salt. We like to keep it simple and are looking for some muscle relief, so we use epsom salts.

Salts Bath
-2 cups epsom salts
-10-15 drops essential oil
-liquid castile soap (optional)
-1 T carrier oil (jojoba, coconut, etc. - optional) if your skin needs moisturizing too

Which oils do I use? 
Many people love the smell of Lavender in the bath. Peppermint can be uplifting and give your muscles some relief.  Eucalyptus provides stuffy nose support. Roman chamomile is calming. Wild orange puts in a spring in your step.

Not all oils are skin friendly. Learn more about each oil here.

If you're using a citrus oil in your bath, you only need a few drops. Citrus oils (most of which contain furocoumarins) are also photosensitive, and some are phototoxic. This can make your skin much more sensitive to the sun's rays (including tanning beds), which can cause burns when you're exposed to sunlight or UV light. Fear not, if you're in the tundra like us you won't see that ball of light for a few more months! Still, guard your skin (trust me, I tend to only learn the hard way).


More info about using peppermint and eucalyptus with kids.